The Criminal Conspiracy Against Donald Trump

By FRANK MIELE/Real Clear Politics

Did you see that Liz Cheney and Adam Schiff think Donald Trump should be prosecuted for trying to steal the 2020 election? I mean, who would guess?

The headline from Vanity Fair says it all: “Shocker: Congress has evidence Trump may have engaged in a criminal conspiracy.”

The intent of that sarcastic headline is to convince you it wasn’t a shock at all, because everyone already knew that Trump had engaged in a criminal conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election. Democrats certainly “knew.” Liz Cheney certainly “knew.”

But what makes the headline unintentionally ironic is that it is completely unshocking that Liz Cheney and House Democrats claim to have evidence that Trump “engaged in a criminal conspiracy.” After all, isn’t that what Congress has been claiming even since before Trump was elected in 2016?

To Democrats (and the Republicans who savor a drink with Democrats in the Senate cloak room), Trump is evil incarnate – Vlad the Impaler without the charm. Remember when he engaged in a criminal conspiracy with the Russians to overturn the 2016 election? Oh sure, there was no evidence of that except for what Hillary Clinton and her minions invented, but that’s what makes Democrat allegations so dangerous – the only evidence they need to convict a suspect is the evidence of their own convictions. If they believe it, then it is so.

Honestly, it is hard to see how the rule of law – or this nation which is built upon its foundation – can long continue when such meretricious manipulators wield the power to denounce and destroy their political enemies.

The Jan. 6 Select Committee on which they sit issued a court filing recently that proclaims “a good-faith belief that Trump and others may have engaged in criminal and/or fraudulent acts” in their efforts to prove the 2020 election was stolen.

Mind you, this has nothing to do with the Jan. 6 riot. The violence that occurred is irrelevant to any assertion that he “engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States.” Instead, what is being alleged is that President Trump had no right under law to contest the election in the United States Congress, and that by seeking to prove that the election was fraudulent, he himself is guilty of fraud.

If allowed to stand, this would do away with the concept of election monitoring altogether. Or perhaps that has already happened – specifically when Chris Krebs, head of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, declared without evidence that “the November 3rd election was the most secure in American history.”

Without evidence? Isn’t that what the Fake News Media has constantly said about Trump’s allegations of a stolen election? Yep, the only difference being that Trump had thousands of affidavits of fraud and mischief while Krebs had nothing but his eyes closed tight. And in the ensuing months since November 2020, more and more evidence has been made public that confirms Trump’s suspicions about the election. Here are two recent examples:

— In Georgia, video evidence has been sent to the secretary of state’s office that shows dozens of people dropping off multiple ballots in drop boxes. This raises the obvious question – where did the ballots come from? Even if they were obtained and cast legally, Georgia law is unambiguous. Each voter using an absentee ballot “shall … mail or personally deliver same to the board of registrars or absentee ballot clerk.” The only exceptions are for “a voter with a physical disability” or “voters confined to a hospital.” The disabled may have their absentee ballot returned by a family member (as defined by the law) or a household member. Voters confined to a hospital don’t even have that option. They can vote an absentee ballot immediately upon delivery by a registrar or absentee ballot clerk and return it to the official, again personally. No provision allows Democrats to pay operatives to collect and dump bundles of ballots into drop boxes in the dead of night.

— In Wisconsin, a former state Supreme Court justice compiled a disturbing report that alleges bribery and official misconduct in the 2020 presidential election. Michael Gableman was hired by the state legislature to conduct an investigation and has recommended that legislators consider decertifying Joe Biden’s victory in the state based on his findings of extensive fraud, including illegal use of absentee ballot drop boxes; corruption of the election as a result of $8.8 million spent on partisan get-out-the-vote efforts by a Mark Zuckerberg-funded nonprofit; and “many nursing homes’ registered residents voting at 100% rates and many ineligible residents voting, despite a guardianship order or incapacity.”

Most Americans have probably never heard of either of these investigations, which reveals the success of the media and the Washington, D.C. establishment in squelching any dissent from the prevailing narrative – namely that Trump invented his claims of election fraud and had no evidence.

But Trump was right, and the evidence of irregularities in the 2020 election has mounted month by month, as polls consistently reveal that millions of Americans harbor doubts about the legitimacy of the Joe Biden presidency.

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